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Interpersonal relationship and emotional attitude as a student born after we have a lot of advantages, we are usually kind and helpful. When someone is in trouble, we always help him or her. We are also very active.

We like sports and travel. Most of us can study hard in class and play happily after school. We are full of imagination and creativity.

We are always ready to help others Try something new and do anything different. On the other hand, we also have some shortcomings. Sometimes we can't express our opinions in an appropriate way.

Sometimes we are a little overconfident. Many students don't have brothers and sisters, so they may do anything for themselves. These problems may make us appear impolite and even we can't communicate with others well So the most important thing for us is to learn how to get along with others.





Hello everyone, the topic of my speech today is "choose humility, benefit for life". Recently, I saw an article "show" about three words in the magazine. Today, I also tell you a story about my elder brother who was born as a child.

"My brother takes the first place in every exam, and I am also happy to see a person saying," my brother is hungry, and the exam is always the first time ". Is that joy People can understand what my father said to me: "it's not that you must take the exam first. You should remember everything when you are happy." then I remember the first sentence of "show".

Don't show off yourself with other people's things. Our own intelligence and diligence are always the first in the exam. I began to feel secretly happy that everything in my eyes has become a little Tong I have a problem with learning.

I also like to be wronged. I like to say, "you can't be so simple. You're stupid.

Look at me." my father said, "you can be confident, but you can't be proud. Remember, don't always show yourself." then I remember the second sentence about "show". Don't always show off when you were in college, in the chess game organized by the school, The little nephew who took home saw a trophy and liked it very much.

He took it with him and played with his friends. "He said how boastful his uncle was. His friend immediately said to me after his father saw it," don't let him take away your things.

Don't forget to let his father put your third sentence on others, which will only make people out of "dazzle" if they can't understand If you choose modesty, then you will live forever. My speech is over. Thank you.





Study the above picture carefully and write an article entitled "interpersonal relationship in modern society". You should describe the picture, explain its meaning, and give your opinion on this phenomenon. You should write down the words neatly on the answer sheet.) the picture is about a story about two women in the neighborhood living in the opposite apartment.

When they happen to meet in the corridor, they are among them One of them said, "I moved here a few years ago, but I've never met you before. Can I ask your name?"? The other side said that I have been here for many years. What should I call you? It seems absurd that people living in such a close place have not known each other for such a long time.

This kind of story is everywhere, and it is a true reflection of interpersonal relationship in modern society. Most people live in apartments, they close their doors and don't go out as soon as they get home from work. If they live alone, they will kill time by watching TV or reading magazines.

Even with their closest neighbors, they seem to be no different from the people they meet on the street every day. They become more and more indifferent. This phenomenon is not good for us, and it will be more and more lonely for our society.

The world has become so indifferent and interpersonal relationships are not harmonious As far as we spend some time improving measures, people living in the same area can organize some activities together. We should appeal to people to be friendly to each other. As a popular song says, if everyone gives each other a little love, the world will become an ocean of love.




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