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关于”与科技有关“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:It's about technology。以下是关于与科技有关的五年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:It's about technology


This is the difference between science and technology. Science is a method to answer theoretical questions. Science is a method to solve practical problems.

Science involves the discovery of facts and relationships between observable phenomena in nature, and the establishment of theoretical technology that helps to organize these facts and relationships and the tools, techniques and procedures for realizing scientific discovery. Another difference between science and technology lies in the fact that A scientist whose progress does not include human factors, who seek to understand the universe and the truth with the highest accuracy and certainty, can not ignore the likes and dislikes of themselves or others, or the popular view that scientists find something that may shock or anger people. Darwin's theory of evolution may shock people, but even if it is unpleasant The fact that it's possible to be useful.

In addition, we can choose to refuse to believe it, but there is hardly any technology. We can't choose to refuse to hear the sonic boom of supersonic airplanes flying overhead. We don't choose to refuse to breathe polluted air.

Unlike science, technological progress must be our slaves, not the reverse. The legitimate purpose of technology is to serve the people, not just some people and their descendants Future generations, not just those who now want to make their own profits, are familiar with the abuse of technology. Many people blame technology itself for causing widespread pollution, resource depletion, and even the general decline of society, which also obscures the promise of technology, because the promise is that if a cleaner and healthier application of technology can make the world a better place.





Thermal analysis: electronic information engineering is an important pillar of the information industry. It is one of the pillars of it circuits and systems, signal and information processing, microwave and electromagnetic field theory. It studies various kinds of information, such as voice, text, image, radar, etc.

Remote sensing and other information processing, exchange and wireless, wired, optical cable transmission, on this basis, research and development of electronic information system professional training and electronic technology and information system knowledge base, engaged in the research, design, manufacturing, application and development of various kinds of electronic equipment and information system, high-level engineering talents can be engaged in the research and development of signal processing, transmission, exchange and detection technology Teaching work, development, production and application of electronic equipment and systems, application and development of electronic technology, computer technology and microwave technology, application and development of main disciplines: Electronic Science and technology, information and communication engineering, computer science and technology main courses: series of circuit theory courses, computer technology courses, information theory and coding, signal and system, number Professional experiments of signal processing, electromagnetic theory, control theory, sensor technology: the major has completed at least one direction of professional experimental team award degree: Bachelor of engineering degree allocation key universities: Beijing Tsinghua University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tianjin University, Huazhong University of science and technology, Southeast University, University of Electronic Science and technology.





You should take a few minutes to complete this task. Some people say that early technology has changed our lives more than recent technologies. You should at least write some words.

You should support your argument with your own knowledge and experience. Some people think that early technology will change our life than the latest technology. I don't agree with them in terms of communication The Internet has brought us more convenience.

People have to access a lot of information to get what they want. Finally, people may become tired and spend too much time. If you only giggle on the Internet, everything will become a piece of cake.

Frankly speaking, people who know it can not deny its inherent advantages, such as it can be improved Scientific research level: because through information technology, scientists and researchers can learn about the latest development in related fields from a global perspective. Therefore, they do not have to spend time on what they have already done in personal communication. Compared with the early technologies, the most convenient means can be unique to the Internet, as well as in transportation.

As railway, modern ocean liner and automobile The latest technologies, such as cars and jet planes, make our life more comfortable and provide great possibilities for modern commercial development and industrialization. The average speed of widely used aircraft can reach kilometers per hour. Is it the fastest means of transportation? Is it several times faster than a ship, several times faster than a car, or several times faster than a train? Given the problems associated with this new genetic information well, proponents of the study stressed that the benefits of the new draft, such as improved screening for diseases, individualized drug treatment and a better scientific understanding of women's bodies, should not be ignored in the summary, I think Technology can change our lives more than early technology.




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