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关于”学校的三十字“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Thirty words in school。以下是关于学校的三十字的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Thirty words in school


I have dreamed of becoming a scientist since I was a child. I think that if I become a scientist, a good scientist can make great changes in the world. I will make the desert green, make the war no longer happen, and make disasters far away from people.

Although I am only a student and lack of creativity, I will study science more and more, because I believe that "where there is a will, there will be a way." The new semester of "Cheng" is coming, so I think I should make a schedule for myself in the morning. I will read English texts in every class to improve my oral English. After school, I will listen to the teacher carefully and take notes.

After dinner, I will go home on time to do my homework. I will review what I learned during the day and prepare for tomorrow's class. This is my school time The mother of the earth is just like our mother.

She gave life to all living things on earth. She was once beautiful and rich, but now she is dirty and poor. This is because we punish her for her floods, airflow, acid rain, all of which come from nature.

Everyone should know that there is only one earth. If we continue to treat her like this, among all the gifts I receive, If we continue to treat her like this, we are not fit to live in its time to love, take care of her and heal her. My favorite diary is from my best friend.

There are many beautiful and deep poems in the diary. Surprisingly, I almost fell in love with every poem my friend wrote on the first page of his diary: "may you write down the beautiful memories of your life.". I did write something special and important.

For me, my diary is now a record of my young life, commemorating the precious friendship between my friends and me. Clothes play an important role in our daily life. It protects us from the strong winds of cold winter and prevents us from enduring the unbearable heat in the hot summer.

They can even make men handsome and women attractive. For example, people in different fields can also be distinguished. We can simply distinguish a soldier from a policeman by the uniform they wear.

Their clothes will continue to develop to meet our personal taste. They will become more comfortable, colorful, fashionable and diversified people will find more clothes they like in the market to reflect their personality.







It rained on August 1st and the weather was terrible. In the afternoon, I had to stay at home and finish some homework. Then I thought maybe it was boring today.

I was staring at the Internet. I happened to find the movie Ghost Rider directed by Mark Stephen Johnson, and I started watching it. The movie tells us that a motorcycle enthusiast named Johnny signed an agreement with a demon in order to save the lives of relatives.

However, he lost his soul and had to work for the devil. He fought against evil with his incantation. It was so exciting that I couldn't calm down.

I will never forget the film "sunny" on February 8th. It is sunny today. I am in a good mood because my parents and I have come to Hong Kong.

We will stay in this modern city for three days. This is the first day of our morning visit. We came to Disneyland, enjoyed the excitement of roller coaster, and saw many cartoon characters.

In the afternoon, we visited the ocean park, which is one of the largest ocean parks in the world, covering an area of yingmu, as well as its theme park and the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. I saw a lot of kinds of fish, and I thought it was very terrible to be shocked. After that, we went to watch the word "video".

We had great fun here. August 3 is our fragrance On the second day of my visit to Hong Kong, I was very happy because yesterday, but I felt tired a lot. I didn't want to stay in the hotel, so I planted and went shopping with my parents.

There were many kinds of goods in Times Square, but you can choose the one you like best. There are many designer label stores in Times Square, such as dnkymax & coboss, and finally a famous Bookstore called PAGEONE. I bought a beautiful skirt and some books, and then I was exhausted, but I didn't care at all.






On Saturday morning, I had a very happy weekend. It was sunny. I got up in the morning.

After breakfast, I did exercises for half an hour. I visited my uncle. My cousin Mary and I went to a restaurant for lunch.

We went to Xinghai Park in the afternoon. On Sunday, I went home to watch TV. I played tennis with my children all day.

I went to join Mary We had a big cake at our birthday party. What a fun weekend.




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