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The 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China was held in Beijing!


Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have moved towards prosperity and strength. The PLA has taken a neat step and taken pride in itself and a country. Since ancient times, Dongfeng series missiles and Jian series fighter planes have been attacked if they are backward. Only when a country is strong can it defend itself. Only after the national unity of a country can we keep the enemy out of the country.


At the same time, as a Chinese in rapid development, we are proud that I am the second Chinese. We should not forget our original intention, keep in mind our mission, and strive for the prosperity of our motherland and the grand goal of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!



Tomorrow is the 11th National Day, we are very happy, first, tomorrow is the mother's birthday, second, the afterlife to have a holiday, especially happy.


Today, the teacher assigned homework, including watching the parade and my motherland.


In the afternoon, I couldn't wait to see the trailer of me and my motherland. Because I can't watch the parade now, I only watched me and my motherland.


In the evening, I specially told my mother to call me to watch the parade tomorrow.


Tomorrow is the 70th birthday of the motherland. This is my first time to watch the parade. My father said it would last three hours in a row! So I went to bed early today.


I love my country.



On the national day of the holiday, my family watched the military parade on TV. The ceremony was very deep and I remember it in my mind.


The soldiers are walking beautifully. Other countries are not as strong as our country. This makes me see the progress and development of our country. I see the beautiful motherland, the progress and development, the warmth of the motherland, and the spirit of helping others. The motherland is changing with each passing day, the wind is light and the clouds are light, the rivers and rivers are magnificent and beautiful, the rivers and rivers are picturesque, the rivers and rivers are beautiful, the country is peaceful and the people are peaceful, the mountains are green and the rivers are beautiful, the waves are magnificent and the mountains are famous.


Ah, motherland, how beautiful you are. I love you, motherland.



October 1 is the 70th birthday of our great motherland. I am excited to watch the National Day parade in front of the TV! Looking at the PLA uncle walking in neat steps from Tiananmen Square, he showed the elegant demeanor of our country's soldiers to the whole world. When our country's independently researched and developed artillery, tanks and planes passed by Tiananmen Square, it was announced in the world that China has become a military power. Only when our country is strong, can we study hard and build our motherland better in the future! I love my country. I am proud to be a Chinese!



My motherland & mdash; The People's Republic of China. There are abundant mineral resources, beautiful green mountains and rivers, and working people who are constantly striving for self-improvement& hellip;


I love my country.


Ah! My motherland, you are beautiful! The green mountains stand upright and the clear water surrounds them.


There are many famous scenic spots in the motherland: Huangshan in Anhui Province, which is famous for its four wonders: strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs.


As the saying goes: the five mountains do not come back to see the mountains, Huangshan do not come back to see the mountains. This is enough to show that Huangshan is famous.


There is also Foziling reservoir in Lu'an. Before liberation, the New Fourth Army was still fighting Japanese devils on the dam. On the dam, there are several big characters written by Chairman Mao himself: Guilin's landscape is the best in the world, and Guilin's landscape is picturesque..


My motherland is beautiful everywhere!


I love my country.



I love the motherland, because the motherland is a big family, because the motherland nurtures me, I am a young pioneer, I will also be the hope of the motherland, although I have not been to the memorial tower, but I know that those soldiers are so brave, how fierce ah, if not for them, we would not have such a beautiful motherland.


I want to study hard, speak actively in class, finish my homework on time, don't waste a minute and a second, grow up to be a useful person for the motherland, win glory for the motherland. I must start from small things and have a sense of group. My motherland has raised me and educated me. I must live up to the expectations of my motherland.


I love our motherland, I am proud of our motherland!



This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. The national flag has been displayed in every street and every household. In this beautiful day of golden autumn, when the whole country is celebrating the national day, my heart is surging. I really want to say to my mother: I love you, my motherland


Today we are the hope of our motherland, and tomorrow we are the pillars of our motherland. My ancestors have branded everything I have. I belong to my dear motherland, I love you, my motherland.


In this day of national day, I want to go to the square and sing a song: I love you, motherland & hellip& hellip;



October 1 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and the birthday of the motherland. Today, I sat in front of the TV early, waiting to watch the parade. The first thing I saw was grandfather Xi. Grandfather Xi said hello to you in the parade car. Hello, comrades. Comrades have worked hard. Then I saw the tanks, the planes and the neat parade. Seeing these parades and seeing a lot of sweat on their heads, I feel that they are very hard, but I envy them very much and feel that they are very glorious. I also want to be a parader.


I wish the motherland a happy birthday, better and better, prosperity.



I love the motherland, I am the flower of the motherland, the future is the pillar of the motherland! Why do I say that? Because on October 1st, I watched the military parade, and I felt very much.


I love the motherland, I love the parade that neat team, I love the motherland, I love the parade that magnificent momentum! During the parade, the soldiers were shouting and listening to the party's command one by one. They were able to win battles and had a good style of work. I think I also want to defend my country and contribute to the construction of our country like them. Then I will study hard from now on and make progress every day!


I love the motherland, I love the motherland, love her eye, love her Everest, love her two bombs and one star!!


Finally, I declare to the motherland, I love your motherland! I love you China! I love your mother!



Today is October 1, 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and a common festival of the Chinese nation. Many changes have taken place in China during the 70 years.


There will also be a 70th anniversary ceremony in Beijing, including a float parade, a military parade and so on. In the military parade, the soldiers march forward with neat steps. The fighters in the sky are emitting colorful smoke, and the five-star red flag in front of Tiananmen Square is so grand. In the future, there will be combat vehicles, including tanks, self-propelled howitzers and 03 airborne combat vehicles. These combat vehicles are more advanced, information-based and mechanized.


Let me feel the changes in China, so that I love the motherland more.



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