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My school is very beautiful. We have blackboard newspaper in our class. There are many beautiful things in the blackboard newspaper, especially the sunflower. We have a podium on the playground, which is very beautiful. The five-star red flag is also very beautiful. Not only is the rostrum on our playground, but also the playground is so beautiful. There are many flowers and plants beside the playground, which seems to be cheering for the students in the competition.



My school is a big and beautiful school. I don't believe you see, just passing the gate, a group of butterflies came to the left, because there are flowers and gardens. The flowers are colorful, of different colors and shapes. They are also dancing in the breeze. They are very beautiful. On the left side of the bridge are peach trees, which are more open, and the fragrance is very good, There are several bees chasing and fighting on the peach blossom. This is one side of my school. Do you think she is beautiful? is it pretty? What is your school



Our playground is not so big.


Our playground can hold more than 3000 people, with an average of 900 square meters. Is it very big? Every time, after the second class, people in our school have to have a big break.


We usually have a big break, the time is more than 30 minutes. Sometimes, there will be a class! I have classes on Monday and Tuesday. What should we do? I got it! I said it to my mother, and my mother said it to the teacher. The teacher succeeded in taking the class time off for 10 minutes. yeah!



My school is very beautiful. As soon as I enter the school, I see a bright five-star red flag flying in the wind on the national flag stage. It is very magnificent. The campus environment of the school is beautiful, with colorful flowers and verdant grass. There is a layer of green stalls paved on it, with majestic tall trees standing on it. The students sit in the bright classroom and study seriously, The teacher in the class is serious and kind to us. We should protect our beautiful campus.



North Cultural Road is my school. In the middle of the gate is a magnificent building, in which are grade three, four, five and six. Behind the building is the playground. In the east of the playground are the toilet and the sports office in the West. In the south of the toilet are grade one and grade two. In the west of grade one and grade two are music teachers. In the northwest of the music classroom are classes seven, eight, nine and ten of grade four. This is my school.



My campus is in No.3 primary school, Wenhua Road, Jinshui District. The school is a good place for us to learn and play.


The campus is very clean. When students see a piece of paper, they pick it up and throw it in the garbage can, so that we can have a competitive learning environment.


As soon as I came to the classroom, the classroom was clean, the desks and chairs were neatly placed, the wall was covered with hand copied newspapers, my back was covered with photos, and mine!


After class bell thought, the students quickly ran to the playground to play, some rope skipping, some playing football, some running, and some playing games, they can have fun.


This is my campus. I like my campus.



My school is in Wenhua Road No.3 primary school, which is located in Wenhua Road and Bosong road. Our school has playground, teaching building and flag raising platform.


Our school playground is big and covered with lawns. We talk about sports, do exercises and play football. All our extracurricular activities are here.


There are three teaching buildings in total, which are the places for our students to study in class. As soon as the bell rings, the students will sit quietly in the classroom waiting for the teacher to teach us new knowledge.


The flag raising platform is the place to raise the national flag. Our school has a flag raising ceremony every Monday. All the students in the school have to line up in a neat line to participate in the flag raising and sing the national anthem.


This is our school, I love it!



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