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Today, my mother gave me a piece of cake. After I ate it, I said: it's delicious. Where did I buy it? Mom said: I made the cake myself. I was surprised and happy to say: Wow, such a delicious cake is much better than the cake room! Mom, you are amazing! Mom said, "I'll make biscuits and egg tarts for you some other day.". Listening to my mother's words, I jumped with joy. I can eat delicious food every day!


I think: my mother is trying to make delicious food for me because she loves me. I can't disappoint my mother. I should do my homework consciously, get rid of the bad habit of procrastination, and let my mother save snacks!



When I was in primary school, there was a parents' meeting on Friday. I let my mother go. My mother held a parents' meeting in the classroom. I was waiting for my mother below. Finally, I came out. My mother and I went home.


On the way, I asked my mother what the teacher said, but my mother didn't say anything. When I got home, I heard my mother and father talking, and I was washing fruit. My mother said that I was praised by the teacher, but my mother didn't tell me on the way. I felt very angry, so I yelled at my mother. My father said, your mother doesn't want to make you proud. You need to know her good intentions, and think about it later, It's true that I was wrong, so I apologized to my mother, and my mother also forgave me, knowing my mother's concern.



It's getting dark this afternoon. I haven't finished the homework assigned by our Chinese teacher. While my mother was cooking in the kitchen, she supervised me to do my homework. I wrote that I began to play rubber on the seat. My mother cooked the meal and came out to see me playing with the eraser. I haven't finished my homework yet. My mother was very angry with my shoes spanking me several times, my mother was angry with me crying. I hastened to seriously finish the rest of the homework, I know my mother beat me for my good. I will study hard in the future. I won't make my mother angry.



Everyone has a mother's love, but my mother's love for me is incomparable. My mother's love is the best in the world. My mother makes delicious food for me every day. Every breakfast is made by my mother. Every time my mother finishes the meal, her face is sweating. At that time, I wanted to cry.


I remember one day when my mother's hand was injured and I couldn't cook, I went downstairs to buy some breakfast. When I got home, my mother was cooking for me in the kitchen. At that time, I ran to hold my mother and said, "Mom, I love you.".



One day, my mother told me to go home from school, I sat in the car and my mother said: Mom, what are you doing today? Mother said slowly: I learned a dish today, very delicious.


When I got home, I only saw my mother come out of the kitchen one by one, and then came into the kitchen from the outside. I went into the kitchen and saw my mother cut vegetables. She cut vegetables very fast. I didn't pay attention, so my mother finished cutting vegetables. After a long time, the rice was finally ready, and I smelled it with my nose. Ah! It's so delicious. It's the first time I've had such delicious fish.


Sure enough, my mother's fish is worthy of its reputation. It's so delicious and fragrant that I want to eat it as soon as I smell it.



At noon today, I was practicing. Practicing, I felt cold all over and my head hurt a little. My mother touched my forehead and then brought me a thermometer to take my temperature. After five minutes, my mother took out the thermometer and said 385. So, my mother quickly let me take medicine, and told me to drink more water. Fortunately, I didn't feel particularly sick because of the fever. In the evening, I began to have a high fever repeatedly. In order to take care of me, my mother didn't have a good rest all night. In order not to let me infect my brother, my mother took me to the sofa in the living room to sleep, but my mother sat there with me all night. I think my mother is very hard. Now I have to study hard and repay my mother when I grow up.



I have a mother who loves me.


I remember once when it rained heavily, I forgot to bring my umbrella when I went to school. My mother came to pick me up after school, because my mother and I only had one umbrella. My mother always leans the umbrella towards me. When I get home, my mother is almost soaked. Usually, my mother is very strict with my study. I didn't do well in the exam. My mother didn't criticize me first, but helped me find the reason for my mistakes; The teacher reflected that I didn't pay attention in class. My mother patiently taught me the importance of paying attention in class.


I'm just talking about some small things in life. From these small things, I feel my mother's love and I feel extremely happy.



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