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He has big watery eyes, white face and is as tall as me.


He also likes to do handicrafts very much. Once after class, I came to play with him and saw that he was doing a very handsome little handicrafts. I called him many times, but he didn't hear me. I was really fascinated.


He is also very naughty, once, after class, he came to play with me, when I was doing my homework, I did not pay attention to him, he said; Come and play with me for a while. I ignored him, so he hit me.


After all that, you know who I'm talking about.



His face was chubby, with a head of shiny black hair, two sword eyebrows under a pair of bright big eyes full of friendly light.


After class, we always rush out of the door of the classroom and run around on the playground.


Once, when I was playing on the playground, I hurt myself. He saw it and rushed to it. He didn't leave until he was sure there was nothing wrong. How kind he was!


Can you guess who this helpful boy is?



I have a friend who is very low and thin. His hair was as black and shiny as ink. He is very naughty. When standing in the road team, he always doesn't walk well, and the teacher will criticize him.


I can always see him on the playground after class. Once I accidentally fell down, she immediately ran over and said: How did you fall down? I said: I fell down accidentally. So he took me to the infirmary. I'm very grateful to him and I like to play with him.


Have you guessed who he is?



He is tall, with big eyes, curly eyebrows and long hair,


He likes to wear a ponytail. He likes to wear a skirt.


He likes to draw. Every time he draws, he can watch the teacher show his paintings. Every time after class, he can see him drawing.



His hair is so thin that I can only see him two or three times a week.


He works very hard outside, and he knows more than me, and he is better than me.


He is taller than his mother and me. He is as tall as his brother.


He likes reading books very much. He reads medical books. As soon as he got home, he began to read medical books. I always see him in my study.


Do you know who he is?



He likes to tie a beautiful ball, has a pair of grape eyes, he prefers a darker color than pink, we can call it purple pink, because his schoolbag is purple pink.


He is very smart. He doesn't like beautiful skirts very much. His hobby is reading. He said: reading extra-curricular books can bring us happiness. No wonder he knows so many words. He doesn't eat a lot. No wonder he is thin. He doesn't like to talk very much. He also has a pair of dexterous hands. He doesn't like to exercise very much, but he has the talent of painting.



Hello everyone, he is a classmate of our class 31. Guess who he is?


He is of medium height. His family lives in Qiliyan. He likes talking and laughing, and he likes playing more. He doesn't like studying very much, so he doesn't study very well. He has three friends, Chang Daoyu, GUI Shenghao and Zhu Yingbo. They are inseparable. He is carrying an Ultraman schoolbag. Oh, he has another characteristic. He also has a bucktooth and dark shiny hair. His specialty is running, although he can't run first.


Now you know who he is?



There is such a male classmate in our class. Let's guess who he is?


He has a pair of bright eyes, a pair of thick and black eyebrows, a cherry mouth, he is not tall, today wearing a blue sports suit.


He doesn't talk much at ordinary times, but I find that he likes reading comics, and he loves playing basketball.


Guess who he is?



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