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Think back to when I learned cycling & hellip& hellip;


That day, my mother taught me to ride a bike. When you let it go, the bike goes upside down and out of control.


When my sister taught me, I let go. I don't know. This is what my sister told me later.


Once my kindergarten classmates came to me to ride a bicycle. My mind was confused for a moment. I forgot that I was not familiar with bicycles, so I accepted it. I even won the game!


Cycling so many people taught me, and I also learned!



On my sixth birthday, my father gave me a blue bike as my birthday present.


Since my father gave me a bike, I practiced cycling downstairs every day, but I couldn't ride well. So I found my father and asked him to teach me how to ride a bike.


After three months of practice, I finally learned how to ride a bicycle. My father's credit is the most, because he taught me how to ride a bicycle.



I still remember when I was a child, because I was still small, short and short legged, even if my parents rode the children's bicycle with rotary at the back, I couldn't ride it. I didn't know how to control the direction. I only watched with admiration as my little brothers and sisters rode their beloved bicycles, whizzing past quickly, very natural and unrestrained. When I was 5-6 years old, I tried to go up first, and found that my legs were not short, so I kept practicing and learned to take a bicycle with two wheels. When I was 7-8 years old, at my uncle's home in Humen, my grandfather and grandmother helped me. I learned how to ride a bicycle without the back two wheels.



This summer vacation, my father suddenly asked me to learn to ride a bicycle, I said: good! So my father pushed out my sister's bicycle for me to ride when she was a child.


I thought it was very easy to ride a bicycle. When I rode it, I knew I was wrong. I saw that other people rode with one foot on the pedal and the other foot on the ground. As long as someone stepped on the pedal, I would go up. I did the same thing, but it was crooked. I was scared to stop. Then I tried this all the time, but it was still crooked. My father said: if the bicycle is crooked to the left, turn right, If you turn right, turn left. I ride according to my father's method, and it's not crooked. I'm happy to practice like this all the time. Finally, I'm happy to say: I can ride a bike& quot;



Today, when I came home from school, I saw a lot of people riding bicycles. I was very envious. When I got home, I immediately told my mother,


I want to learn to ride a bike.


On Friday, my mother and I went to buy a bike and went to a wide place to practice bike. At the beginning, I had to let my mother hold the bike, and then I dare to get on the bike. Slowly, I can go up by myself. But there are a lot of me fell down, but I believe that failure is the mother of success.


Finally, I can ride on my own for a while. I found the trick in practice, that is to step on the pedal in a hurry when I get on the car.


In the evening, I finally learned to ride a bicycle!



On Saturday, I learn cycling. Because: it's very hard for my mother to pick me up to school every day. I want to make my mother relaxed.


So I pushed my bike out and practiced. The first time I went up, there was no balance at all. My mother said to me: you must be patient in learning. If you don't have patience, you can't do anything well.


I nodded and went up again. I fell down several times. After serious study, I finally learned how to ride a bicycle. I ran upstairs and said to my mother happily: I learned how to ride a bicycle!


I rode my bike to buy cabbage for my mother.


When I came back, my mother nodded happily.



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