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This summer vacation, I read a "journey to the west" comic book, pictures, rich and colorful, vivid picture.


After reading this book, each of them has his own character. Monk Tang is dedicated to the Buddha. Monkey King is brave and resourceful. Zhu Bajie is greedy for food and sleep. Monk Sha is honest and honest. I like monkey king best. He has the greatest ability. He can fight for thousands of miles. He has a pair of eyes. He has three heads and six arms, especially his seventy-two changes: change into pine tree, change into stone


The four Tang monks and disciples have gone through the difficulties of 9981: Huang Fengling, San Da Bai Gujing and Xuanying cave. From this story, I learned that in learning, we should work hard, not afraid of difficulties, and finally we can get the true scriptures.



Recently, I read the novel Journey to the west, which vividly narrates the wonderful story of Tang Seng, Monkey King, Zhu Bajie and Sha Seng's apprentices, who have gone through all kinds of hardships and twists to reach the West. The story tells people that in order to find, pursue and realize a beautiful ideal and goal, and to complete a great cause, there will inevitably be more or less, big or small, difficulties All kinds of difficulties and setbacks must be overcome tenaciously.


Theme: the novel depicts the image of Monkey King through the story of Monk Tang's learning scriptures. This image clearly reflects people's lofty ideal of conquering evil and nature.



In recent days, I have read one of the four masterpieces journey to the West.


It mainly tells us the spirit of Tang monks and disciples to overcome all kinds of difficulties and dangers in pursuit of faith.


The monkey king is jealous of evil and has both good manners and martial arts; Zhu Bajie is greedy and lustful, but he is also clever in his honesty; Sha Seng is hardworking and loyal; Tang Monk knows the difficulties and is not greedy for beauty. Each of the four has his own advantages and disadvantages. We should learn from each other and learn from each other's advantages.


I was deeply moved by the vivid and interesting stories, such as making havoc in the heavenly palace, three dozen Baigujing, fighting Erlang God and three tune banana fan. All of them are stories of fighting wits and bravery. They teach us all the truth, never give up until we reach our goal, and not only by force, but also by collective wisdom when we forge ahead bravely & hellip& hellip;


Wu Chengen, the author of journey to the west, writes the characters with pen and paper as real characters, as if they are about to jump out. It's like our personal experience. It's a realm that people have to see again.



I recently read a book called journey to the west, which is my favorite.


This book tells the adventure story of Tang Sanzang and his disciples who have experienced the ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties. The author writes every difficulty vividly, which makes me like this book more.


After reading Journey to the west, I have benefited a lot, but also understand a truth & mdash& mdash; If we want to accomplish a great event, we must make concerted efforts and unite to succeed. For example, last time, my classmates and I went to take out the garbage together and accidentally spilled the garbage on the road. My classmates and I quickly found a broom to sweep up the garbage on the ground. If we don't clean it in time and let other students step on and slide, we can imagine the consequences.


At the same time, this book also let me learn some knowledge, such as correct attitude when doing things, do not give up halfway and so on.


I like this book very much.



I'll be back at the end of this week. After reading this book, which is known as China's four famous books & mdash& mdash; Journey to the West.


Journey to the west mainly describes the story of the four monks and disciples of the Tang Dynasty who went through ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, conquered countless demons and ghosts, and finally obtained the Scripture.


In journey to the west, my favorite story is true or false Wukong. A monkey, like the monkey king, came to the Tang monk, knocked him unconscious and robbed him of his valuables. When the real monkey king came back, the Tang Monk drove him away, and his disciples could not recognize him. Later, the real monkey king found the Buddha, and the Buddha subdued the fake Monkey King, and the real monkey king continued to stay with the Tang monk to protect him from learning from the Scriptures & hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip; hellip& hellip;


After reading, my mind began to think, if the real monkey king did not return to the Tang monk, then the Tang Monk can get the Scriptures? But the ending is very good. The fake Wukong is accepted, and the real Wukong comes back to the Tang monk.


The protagonist in journey to the West has the spirit of not flinching when encountering difficulties and is positive, which makes me understand: never flinch when encountering difficulties.



Every day when I go home and finish my homework, I turn on the TV to watch journey to the West. Mother said: it is a novel adaptation, is one of China's four masterpieces. In the TV series, there are Tang monk, Monkey King, Zhu Bajie, Sha monk, ox demon king, and many interesting characters. The story is that the Tang Monk took his three disciples, Monkey King, Zhu Bajie and monk Sha, to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures. I met a lot of monsters on the way and were defeated by them in the end. It took 81 calamities to reach the West sky and obtain the Sutra.


One of my favorite people is the monkey king. He can do somersault clouds, one somersault cloud, one hundred and eight thousand miles. There will be 72 kinds of changes, as well as the eye. His Ruyi golden cudgel is powerful, big or small. The monkey king defeated many monsters with it. After watching this TV play, let me know, do not be afraid of difficulties. We should find a way to solve the difficulties.



After reading the whole journey to the west, I would like to say a few words. Monkey king in the journey to the west is brave and intelligent. He helps Tang monk to go to the west to get scriptures smoothly. Although pig Bajie in it is not very clever, he also kills demons and Demons like monkey king, and helps Tang monk to get scriptures. Sha Wujing in it is simple, honest and upright. He also kills demons and demons for Tang Sanzang, Brave and fearless. Tang Seng, also known as Tang Sanzang, was kind-hearted and upright. He often regarded monsters as mortals, but he was seen by the monkey king. Finally, Tang Sanzang went to the west to pick up the Bible.


After reading this book, I want to learn from them. I want to learn from monkey king's bravery, intelligence, Zhu Bajie's bravery, Sha Wujing's integrity and Tang Monk's kindness!



I read a book, its name is journey to the West. It mainly tells the story of four masters and disciples going to the west to seek scriptures. Tang monk has three disciples. The eldest martial brother is Sun Wukong. He has high ability, can make 72 changes and have a bright eye, can turn the golden clouds, and can turn a hundred thousand miles with one somersault. Zhu Bajie, the second elder martial brother, is lazy. He talks about breaking up and going back to gaolaozhuang every day. The Third Elder martial brother, monk Sha, is more honest. And a white dragon horse. On their way to the west to learn the Scriptures, they fought against honger, borrowed banana fans, and went into Pansi cave by mistake. After ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, they finally got the Scriptures. This book has taught me that we can't give up halfway, overcome difficulties and persevere to achieve success.



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